The Missing Attorney room was great, lots of clues and a well thought through story. Owners were excellent people, looking forward to see what they come out with in the future!! - Kevin K

Some times your original plans fall apart and find something even better. We were going to stampeded and whoops .. it starts later than we wanted to go.. what should we do?  What a great find. We have always wanted to do this .. what a great experience. It was so fun just trying to fit pieces , clues together to solve this puzzle. Very well planned out and executed.  The owners couldn't be better people and so fun to talk to. Put them at the top of your list for things to do.. it will be when I return to Greeley. - Dennis G

Omg! How fun! Loved that we finally made it out. We are number one! But the owners were amazing and we loved this escape room. I highly recommend it can't wait til next time.  - Jomarie F

The people who run this are very friendly! The experience was so much fun, I am excitedly awaiting a new challenge!! - Ashleigh N

I had an exceptional time and great experience. The challenge was well put together. The people are very polite and friendly, I can't wait until a new challenge comes out. Thank you - Vincent N

Our group loved this place! This was definitely a great experience! -  Joy V